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Question asked by morganpayne on Jul 21, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2015 by morganpayne
Is there a way to automatically add the component part number that was entered into the device entry form into the component test that is generated by IPG Test Consultant in the remarks section? Example my component part number in this test is 907-00103-J0. I would like it to generate just like this.

!!!!    2    0    1 1429039715   0000                                         
! IPG: rev 08.30pb Wed Jan 07 08:28:19 2015
! Common Lead Resistance 500m, Common Lead Inductance 1.00u
! Fixture: EXPRESS
disconnect all
connect s to "+3.3V"
connect i to "FPGA_TMS"
resistor 10k, 5.45, 5.27, ar100m, re4, wb !907-00103-J0
! "r5016" test.
! DUT: nominal 10k, plus tol 5.00 %, minus tol 5.00 %
! DUT: high 10.5k, low 9.5k
! TEST: high limit 10.545k, low limit 9.473k
! Tolerance Multiplier 10.0
! Remote Sensing is Allowed