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PNA-X Tunable Converter Characterization

Question asked by alanpna on Jul 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2015 by daras
I am using the N5242A for characterization of a frequency converter. My UUT is wide-band tunable, so I have been creating multiple measurement channels for different tuning configurations (channel 1: RF: 3-4 GHz, LO = 5 GHz, IF = 2-1 GHz; channel 2: RF:4-5 GHz, LO = 6 GHz, IF = 2-1 GHz; etc.). Ideally, I would be able to setup 20-30 frequency bands. I am measuring gain, compression, imd, and nf, some of which will not allow segmented sweeps, or I would do that. I then calibrate all my measurement channels and take data. Calibration takes multiple hours. If I want to go back and add another tune frequency, I have to redo my setup and recalibrate.

This is incredibly inconvenient. I wish there was a way to calibrate "generally" so if necessary, I could retune my setup without having to re-calibrate. Is there any possibility of this feature being added?