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Transferring a screen capture (png) to PC from Impedance analyzer

Question asked by ks_cci on Dec 22, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2015 by drkirkby
Hi there,

I'm using a E4990A Impedance analyzer. I want to take a screen shot and transfer the file to PC. I can transfer a .csv file pretty easily but same code for an image file doesn't work.
I'm using C++ .Net and communicating with the instrument over USB.

This is my code:
AgE499x_MemorySaveScreenImage(session, "image.png");
AgE499x_SystemWaitForOperationComplete(session, 10000);
AgE499x_SystemWriteString(session, 23, ":MMEM:TRAN? \"IMAGE.png\"");

AgE499x_SystemReadString(session, 200000, Imagedata); 

I only get about 500 bytes back. File is saved on the instrument and I can see that it is fine. 

I also tried data dump but no luck. Code for that is here:

     status = AgE499x_SystemWriteString(session, 25, ":HCOP:SDUM:DATA:FORM PNG");
     status = AgE499x_SystemWriteString(session, 23, ":HCOP:SDUM:DATA?");

Thank you for your help,