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NVNA and Comb Generator

Question asked by lcormier on Jan 12, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2012 by lcormier
I am currently using the 10 MHz output from my N5242A to drive the comb generator for X-parameter measurement. This gives measurement frequencies in 10MHz steps. If I use a signal generator to drive the comb generator, can I get smaller frequency step size?

In the U9391 manual, "When driven by low phase noise sources, theis comb generator will operate at frequencis lower than 10MHz, but performance is not guaranteed." Does this mean that Agilent recommends measurements with step sizes 10 MHz or larger? What are the tradeoffs involved?

What generators does Agilent recommend for driving the comb generators? What parameters and/or specs for the paramters does Agilent recommend for specifying the drive generator?

Does Agilent recommend keeping the DC supply on for the comb generators when not in use? Is there a temperature/time drift associated with them? The supply spec is 15V +/- 20%. would a lower voltage of 12V mean better reliability? Is there a performance cost for this?