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How to make new version on an existing program.

Question asked by marvin25 on Feb 20, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2016 by ANDREL

Good day!

I really have a big problem on ICT HP3070 right now, we have a prototype build this week.
I never had a professional training on HP3070 since I was hired in this company.
Before, I have someone to ask regarding this machine but he already left the company.
So please bear with me, if I have lots of question.

We are running a new board. We already have the fixture and the program.
Now my problem is, there's a new version of the board but the testplan or the program is different from what I used to have.
So how can I make a new test for the new version? Can you provide a step by step on how to make it?

I have the manual though but I still get confuse and doubtful whenever I change the program. I'm afraid it could lead to loss of data.

Please me on this. :(