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BnchVue 2.7 - windows XP instalation problem

Question asked by mirek on Jul 9, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2015 by w0dz
I am trying to install BanchVue 2.7 on windows XP computer, and it look like it do not getting thru.
It first get error finding the directory where the Agilent Licence Menage should be. If you continue and choose arbitrary directory it will give message that the installation was not successful it will try to install some VB 2008 component and it will give again message that the installation is not successful.
After that it give couple other error messages.

There is no problem with windows 7 installation of version 2.7. I can also install the old version 1.1 of Banchvue with out any problem.
I also notice if I download the standalone version of Agilent Licence Menage (AgilentLicenseManager_4.6.19016.12135) it also will not install successfully on windows XP. 

Any solution for the above issue?