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Agilent 54832D MSO: Saving waveforms as .csv

Question asked by huhugrand on Dec 10, 2015

I have logged some digital signals with the Agilent 54832D oscilloscope and I want to save the waveforms as csv-file for further analysis.

I can save the file without any problems, but its content seems to be wrong.
In the file I have the timestamp in seconds after the trigger timepoint and a corresponding hex number representing the 16 digital channels.

There are two problems:

In the header of the file it says it has saved e.g. 20 Points, but when I look into the file, there are only 10 data pairs. So, the oscilloscope always saves only half the data to the csv file. This is pretty annoying as I have incomplete data for further analysis.
This problems is always present, regardless how many data points I have.

The saved data seems to be incorrect at some points.
If I compare a saved hex number at a specific time with the onscreen data on the scope, the data does not match sometimes. For example, in the saved file a value does not change while on the scopes screen it is clearly visible that it does.

Thes are some annoying problems as I cannot really trust the measurement and my captured data is useless.

So, does anyone also have these problems or am I making a mistake here?

Thank you.