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Update or Refresh of Display on PNA

Question asked by Mike on Oct 10, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2015 by Dr_joel
I'm working on a program that was not written by me and for an older instrument and I've updated it for the PNA.  I'm coming to the conclusion that a problem I'm seeing is that some commands are valid but not refreshed on the display.

Example: an S11 vs. time display shows a Y axis from 0 to 0.2 Units.  The code has an entry which ( when I've checked all the values ) gives:

disp:wind1:trace1:Y:pdiv 0.02

That should set the scale so that there are 10 horizontal lines, right?

The display shows 4 horizontal lines i.e. 0.05 /div.  Interestingly though, at the top left the display says "CH1 S11 linMAG 20mU/" i.e. it reflects what was programmed, not what is shown on the screen.

I have a similar problem where the number of decimal places for the markers has been set ( also with a DISP: command ) and again the syntax looks valid and I have seen it work but when the program is run it appears the command is 'ignored'.

Any ideas as to what is happening?  Anyone come across a 'refresh screen' command ( not a take sweep )?

Unfortunately I don't have access to an analyser normally - I'm doing what I can off site and occasional visits.