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USB to RS232 Adapter problem on 34401A

Question asked by LokHang on Jan 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2016 by w0dz
My office have 2 computers
first computer use WinXP, motherboard have RS232 Port
second computer use Win XP, motherboard cannot plug in RS232. I use the ATEN USB to RS232 Adapter to connect to 34401A

The first computer can connect to 34401A without any problem. Simply just installed Benchvue and use an RS232 cable to connect between them. But this computer config is bad, it is using dual core processor, 512MB Ram, so the operation is very slow.

The second computer had a better config. But since it does not come with RS232 Port. I use ATEN USB to RS232 Adaptor to connect between PC and 34401A. But when I try to launch the DMM apps in Benchvue, both PC and 34401A cannot communicate with each other. And the 34401A front panel "ERROR" light is on. I guess this problem occur because of the USB to RS232 adapter do not support some kind of handshaking.

My question is, is there any brand and model of USB to RS232 that are already approved by KEYSIGHT that can be use on their multimeter product ? Thanks