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Question asked by DBOBYN on Sep 16, 2015
I am attempting to automate a simulation and analysis using the scripting engine, however I am having trouble getting this working.  

I found an instruction video called 21_Visual_Basic_Scripting in my Genesys2012.01/Video folder.  I set up the simulation exactly the same way as was used in the example.  It was supposed to generate five S parameter files after sweeping across the band for five different capacitor value settings.  However, inspecting the five files, I see all five are exactly the same and are generated for only the fifth cap value.  Also, I see in the video, the frequency response plot of his filter is changing as the script is done.  Mine sweeps a number of times, but the response does not change as the script is run.

Has anybody tried this example with more success than I?  I'd be interested in comparing VBS code.

I've attached the script only as well as complete wsx file I am using.