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PTFE spacer stuck in sliding load of 85052B cal kit - any way to remove?

Question asked by drkirkby on Jul 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2015 by drkirkby
I have an HP 85052B (3.5 mm, 26.5 GHz) standard calibration kit, with a 911E (3-26.5 GHz) female sliding load - see a few pictures I stuck on this post. The serial number is 00538 and part number of 00911-60020. 

I believe the PTFE spacer used when gauging this is stuck in the load. The centre conductor is held fairly solidly in the centre, and can't be moved much by a bit of sideways pressure from a finger. I've tried putting the slide at the top, the RF connector down, and sliding the slider down, in the hope that the air pressure might remove it. But I've not been able to. 

I suspect it needs to be taken apart. Can anyone tell me how to get this apart?  I'm sure I could try to get it apart without knowing how to do it, but the chances are I would just ruin it. No doubt Keysight would service it, but it would cost more than I could buy a used one for - a new one is a whopping $6984!! 

Obviously any information I receive will be at my own risk - I'm not expecting anyone to take responsibility of I follow your advice and damage it.