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Arbitrary Waveform questions

Question asked by dorian on May 4, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2015 by dorian
Hello Guys,

i'm new to the arbitrary waveforms, so so please excuse me if im asking something thats maybe obvious.

I have a 33220A and want to use the a custom waveform. Its a mixed signal, and the total length is 250 seconds (to test a device).
I created that signal in Keysight BenchLink Waveform Builder Pro and sendet it to the 33220A. 
Now i got 3 problems:
1. In the "Send Waveform" Screen the Frequency is set to 4 mHz (250sec). I assumed that would the the default frequency for that signal. But its not so. Everytime i load the "Arb" signal, i have to reset the Frecuency and Amplitude. 
Can i assign a default frecuency or amplitude to a signal. Or is the only way to do it with store/recall state? (because then its posible)
2. If i select my arbitrary waveform and 102 seconds passed, when i turn off and on again the "Arb" waveform or the output, the waveform doesnt start from beginning, it continuos at the 102 seconds. Is there a way to restart the "Arb" Waveform? Or do i have to do it with store/recall state?
3. I would like to pass my waveform just 1 Time to my device, because i can disconnect my device only when the signal is 0Vdc.I could add a very long 0Vdc signal after my waveform, but then i need some way to restart (question 2) my waveform, when i want to test my next device.
Can i run the arbitrary waveform just 1 Time?

I think i can do everything with store/recall state, but i would like to know if there is a better solution to this.

Best regards