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Custom digital modulation in N5182A vector signal generator

Question asked by jayantChouragade on Aug 7, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2015 by vcherian
     I am using custom degital modulation option in my N5182A vector signal generator to generate following modulation:

RF Frequency: 400 MHz
Modulation: 2FSK with Gaussian Filter
Deviation fr.: 2.4 Khz
Baud rate: 4.8 Kbps

Default data in signal generator is Random however I want to modulate my own data frame (Preamble, Sync word, Data bytes, CRC= total 255 bytes).. My question is how to replace the default random  data with my own data frame. 

Originally I want to simulate a transmitter which transmits FSK modulated data frame of 255 bytes every 1 second. 

Looking forward to any suggestions towards the solution. 

National Atmospheric Research Lab

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Further if anyone provide a MATLAB Code to generate IQ data to generate above modulation can also be useful.