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E4440A : How to recover complete spectrum as displayed by the instrument ?

Question asked by seb on Dec 6, 2015
I am using an Agilent *E4440A* PSA Series spectrum analyzer.

I’m having trouble recovering (by GPIB) the complete spectrum that is displayed on my instrument.
When I use the command:
It returns 40 points which, after being plotted, don't look like what is displayed on the instrument.

I tried increasing the number of points returned by using the command :
*SENSE:SWE:POIN,601*    +(I put 601 here because that the number of points my spectrum analyzer says it's displaying)+
But it still returned a vector of 40 points, but 40 different points to the ones that were returned without using the command SENSE:SWE:POIN,601 and, after being plotted, still look nothing like what is being displayed by the instrument.

What am I doing wrong ? *What’s the best way of recovering the complete spectrum that is displayed on the screen of the spectrum analyzer ?* 
*What commands should I use ?* 
Thank you very much for any help !

Additional notes:
I'm using Matlab to control my instrument and these are the lines of code I am using to try to recover what is displayed on the screen:
fprintf(Spectrum_Analyser, 'SENSE:SWE:POIN,601');
fprintf(Spectrum_Analyser, 'TRAC:MODE VIEW');
fprintf(Spectrum_Analyser, 'FORMat:TRACe:DATA ASCII');
data8 = query(Spectrum_Analyser, 'TRAC:DATA? TRACE1');

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