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N1996A-503 Error when trying to run Modulation Analysis

Question asked by Tedward on Dec 2, 2015
I have a N1996A-503 CSA Spectrum Analyzer that has options 503 and N8996A-1FP installed. The CSA runs up fine and shows the spectrum 0-3 GHz, however, when I press *Mode* and then select *Modulation Analyzer* from the soft menu I get the following:

1. The 'Loading Measurement, Please Wait' bar appears
2. A message appears on the bottom of the screen saying 
    'Error on Receiver, count 1, error: Error: floating point invalid (fatal)
3. The process loops back to 2 and the count increases

I've tried doing a factory firmware update from a USB stick in the front panel and it looked like it applied several updates but the issue is still exactly the same.

Any ideas would be welcome.