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Purchase of first Spectrum Analyzer

Question asked by skibum on Sep 10, 2015

Let's start with I am on a budget.  I am looking at spending about $2500 for an older used Spectrum Anayzer.

I work in analog and digital audio frequencies so I would like something that can pick up mains frequency (50-60Hz) all the way up to at least 2GHz.

I read this article:

Which is excellent, but my eyes starting rolling around in my head about half way through it...  : )

Amplitude accuracy is not as important to me as frequency accuracy.  I am very interested in seeing what frequencies I have noise on DC power supplies.

I have seen the Agilent 8561EC for sale quite a bit.  It's range is 30Hz all the way thgrough 6.5Ghz and is within my budget.

Any advice would be appreciated!  If you know of any other models I should consider please let me know.