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Agilent 4396B Spectrum Analyzer: Span, NOP and RBW

Question asked by victorj on Nov 16, 2015

The instrument in question is:
Agilent 4396B Spectrum Analyzer, Revision 1.13 (March 6th, 2000), Option 010.

I am trying to determine what is the minimum span size that will give me 801 points (the maximum amount available in this model), for each RBW, I was able to determine it myself for all RBWs up to 
3 kHz using the following procedure by setting a RBW and manually changing the span until a found the minimum span that would give me at least 801 points.

However I can't do that for RBW ≥ 10 kHz because the NOP is fixed, which leads to the next couple of questions:

    *1. Is there a more effective way to calculate the minimum Span that will give me the maximum NOP (i.e. 801 for the 4396B) for a given RBW?*
        *...and whether there is or not, what would be the minimum Span for a maximum NOP if RBW = 10 kHz*

    *2. Why is the NOP fixed for RBW ≥ 10 kHz? and how does this make sense for Spans ≤ 10 kHz?*
        *...that is to say: how can the NOP be 801 if for example, the RBW = 10 kHz and the Span = 10 Hz?*