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E4431B Programming binary 2FSK data to File

Question asked by richas on Mar 4, 2016
I need to program a 4096 symbol file to this instrument via the GPIB interface.  It is to produce a 2FSK symbol so the data is 1's and 0's.  I am confused about how to format the command.  I see in one of the manuals to do this:

MMEM:DATA “filename”, #ABC
filename the file name
A the number of numeric digits in B, which specifies the amount of data in C
B the number of bytes of data in C 
C the data represented in ASCII format (8 bits per ASCII character)

So something like:
MMEM:DATA “datafile”, #44096??

?? how do I format the data?  Right now I have the data, 1's and 0's, in a text file as ascii characters.

Thank you for the help