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E5080A "Undefined header" error

Question asked by pierre on Nov 23, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2015 by pierre
I've got a problem with my E5080A's software on Labview :
After install the driver for labview, I tried to run the different exemples given, but each time the "-113 Undefined header;CH1" error appear.This error indicates that what I sent to the instrument did not contain a recognizable command name.
It's seems to be the Configure channel  VI where the problem is locate, when I use the Autosetup VI instead of the Configure channel  VI the message sent is "-113 Undefined header;AUTOS", I think the default commands are wrong but on the manual of E5080A I found nothing about it.
The default Command use in Autosetup VI  " :AUTOS; "
The defaults Commands use in Configure channel VI  " :CH%d "  
(there are other command use, but for configure offset, range, attenuation....)

I work on NI labview 2015(32bits), i use a GPIB connection and my ENA E5080A Firmware is A.11.00.09

Somoene can help me ?