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snp file format

Question asked by sherrywang on Nov 23, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2015 by aehoward
Hi guys, I know this question is very basic but it really bothers me...

I am using a s1p block in my ADS project, which contains z-parameters only. What i want to do is to measure the s-parameters of this device and plot it on a graph.

However, there are several problems.

1) The s-parameter plot looks very much like the impedance amplitude and for some frequencies, it is much greater than 1. This is really abnormal and my device is just a resonator, a passive device.

2) The warning keeps showing me that : "Data in the Touchstone file "C\..." does not cover the requested value of 'freq'. Therefore, the required data was obtained by extrapolation."
I guess this might be the reason for my problem 1. However, I really cannot figure out why my s1p file does not cover frequency. Is there any problem with my s1p format? It looks good to me, though.....

So, what is wrong here? Can anybody tell me?

Here i attached my screenshots of  ADS schematic, s11 plotting, s1p file and the warning window. 

PS: i use term block at the "ref" because i treat it as a load, it is not a port.

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