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Create runtime version with Import library functions Vee 7.5 problem

Question asked by matt_a on May 1, 2015
Latest reply on May 11, 2015 by Mike
I have developed a application that controls Agilent 34980A RF switches and an N9020A spec An, using Excel as database.
My user interface imports 2 User functions:- 1. -Switch control of the 34980A switches and 2.-Specan interface.
If I run the application within the VEE development enviroment I have no problems with the 2 import fuctions operating. (program runs where I am able to control the SpecAn and the switches), but when I try to create a runtime version only the function controlling the 34980A switches is imported, while the Specan function is "not seen", error message - "launchSpecAn not found".
(launchSpecAn is the name of the function I am importing) - see attached files

Can anyone please provide any input where I maybe going wrong? I googled my "but off" :)

Kind Regards
Matthew Alamangos
Perth, WA