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Ecal Module not recognized consistently by E8364B

Question asked by rmax on Apr 29, 2015
Latest reply on May 5, 2015 by Dr_joel
I'm remotely assisting a technician at another facility with an issue he is having with an ECal module and Network Analyzer. The particulars are an E8364B and N4693A ECal module. I'm wondering if anyone has seen this problem before. His description of the problem is as follows: 

"I have a question regarding our 2.4 mm 50 GHz Ecal module.  It has an issue where the analyzer does not always recognize the device when it is plugged in.  It used to be where you would have to unplug it a handful of times before the analyzer would recognize it, but recently it has gotten to the point that you have to spend 15-20 minutes plugging and unplugging before it is recognized.  It receives power and windows makes the noise indicating that a USB device is plugged in, but the network analyzer software does not recognize it.  Have you experienced anything like this before, and do you have any suggestions?"

If anyone has any suggestions as to what the problem may be that would be great. I have not observed this problem before and again, I'm not onsite with him to observe it now.  

Thank you, Randy