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support for Infinium

Question asked by billwatry on Mar 1, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2018 by adamcb
Give me ROM!

It is wonder to me that HP/Agilent? Keysight will sell a product and then abandon it with no support.

Is this intentional? Are you forcing me to buy new products

How hard would it be to provide the recovery software for the early infinium products? With the Internet and a little file space, you could put the recovery out there forever. I need the recovery software for the many revs of Infiniium. Why? Well when users get done hacking the microsoft windows world, the only way to clean it up is with recovery. Just put it out there! Give me a reasonable way to get it! And so what did you just dump the recovery disks that you had? Don't tell me it is a space issue. That is a big empty building!

You made the huge mistake of building a scope software product on top of good old "Blue Screen" Microsoft. Who's idea was that. Now when microsoft abandons a Windows product, Where does that leave me?

Johnnie Hancock! I can't believe you let this happen!  :<{) Oh Yea, I'm still on my soapbox!