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DS0-X 2002A Reboots on TRIGGER message over the USB Bulk-OUT endpoint

Question asked by on Nov 9, 2015
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According to the USB488 capabilities reported by this device it is capable of receiving the USB488 trigger request on the Bulk-OUT endpoint:

GET_CAPABILITES USB488InterfaceCapabilities.D0 = 1

See USBTMC USB488 Subclass specification Revision 1.0  Section

When sending the TRIGGER request over the USB Bulk-OUT endpoint from the host the device reboots and reports:

System concerns detected:
   - The exception 0xC0000005 occured at address 0x0 (infinivisionLauncher.exe). InfiniVision automatically restarted.
   - The default setup was loaded.

Firmware revision is 2.28.2014110300

Has this been tested by anyone and known to work ?

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