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Unknown PNA-X SCPI Error help

Question asked by Neilfenstein on Nov 3, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2015 by daras

The error I get is *+1087, ERROR: Could not create the measurement. The measurement parameter name was not recognized* which is not in the online help error lists.

I am trying to do some more advanced stuff with my PNA-X (N5244A 4 port FW10.45.03) and I thought it was some of this new stuff that was my problem, but I have distilled my problem right down to a simple thing. 
If I create any measurement that requires the *CALC:CUST:DEF* request it will only work every other attempt - _UNLESS_ I preset the PNA. I was hoping not to preset the PNA as I was hoping to try and do multiple measurements in different channels.

I am guessing that the error resets/clears something that allows it to work when it does, but after working it sets that thing back again which causes the next attemp to fail.

Could you please help? If you could tell me if you are aware of this limitation and / or what the error means it would be massively helpful?

Best Regards,

Neil Andrew