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U2701A acquiring problem

Question asked by huaixiaozi on Apr 28, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2015 by w0dz
     I have a problem in acquiring waveform  and measurement value from U2701A. My developement is LabWindows CVI and 
When I use synchronous timer, I can  acquire waveform and measurement normally.However, I can not  get anything when I use asynchronoustimer.The instrument initialization  is not in  the synchronous timer or asynchronous timer and the exception message indicates "Unexpected response from the instrument".The instrument initialization is at the begin of main thread.And I find that one can not get anything if the instrument initialization  and acquiring data (waveform and measurement) are not at different thread, for example, acquiring waveform  and measurement value is in  the synchronous timer and  th initialization is in the main thread. Can anyone know how to sovle this problem. I will be very glad if anyone can help me.Thank you.