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PNA-X - FW A10.47.03 & FW A10.49.03- setting IF BW in segment bug

Question asked by mirek on Feb 11, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2016 by daras
I just find bug in setting IF BW inside frequency segments. When you manually type type in 10 Hz the system some time not accept that and change that to 7 Hz. When you type 7 Hz it will change that to 5Hz and so on. 
That was even more pronounced when we use our test program. The program switching IFBW between 1 KHz to 10 Hz for successive measurement. The system did not accept 10Hz (no message error) and set 7Hz.In next cycle it change that to 5Hz, then to 3, 2 and 1Hz. After that it change to 15MHz and it stay in there.

The PNA-X N5242A come after CPU upgrade and it come with FW A10.48.03 and we notice the bug. We decide to upgrade to latest firmware (A10.49.03), however it look that the bug is still in there.   
I also check other PNA-X N5244A N5224A that have FW A10.40.12 & FW A10.40.14 respectively. Same problem.

Can somebody from Keysight check that.