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Problems With Frequency Offset Mode - Measuring a 2X Multiplier

Question asked by superdx on Apr 17, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2015 by Dr_joel
Hi -
I am using N5247A PNA-X, my problem is as follows:

In a Standard measurement, I perform the calibration as usual, once the calibration is done  I proceed to change the frequency settings (the Cal was done for a wide-band frequency range) to apply the 2x multiplier (making sure all the frequencies ranges are correct and are covered by the performed cal). When I measure the received power into port 2 (port 1 is the source) this gives me the expected results; however, if I want to measure Gain, the measurement gives me unreasonable results. Any ideas why I can't measure gain, but I can measure the received power?        

thanks :)