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Combining s2p parameter with TOI, SOI, NF and Psat using file based model

Question asked by Hmba on Apr 17, 2015
I have a set of s2p files for an amplifier at 3 different temperatures and I am trying to combine them into 1 file using DataAccessComponent model in ADS. Do I create this file as an "model MDIF" file type? and how do I define my independent variable?

In addition, I also want to create a file of my NF, TOI, SOI and Psat as a function of frequency and at the three different temperatures. How do I create that using DataAccessComponent? 

My end goal is to model my RF system using the ads_behavorial:Amplifier model to call out my S21,S11,S22 and S12 as well as NF, TOI, SOI and Psat as file based data.

Hope this makes sense.