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OIP3 Measurement at 1MHz to 5MHz

Question asked by YP on Sep 27, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2015 by mirek
Test Setup: As per attached figure.

IP3 measurement: 
F1 = 2MHz
F2 = 2.9MHz 
Power combiner isolation: 6dB
Attenuation = 20dB
Input power to DUT =-20dB

Based on current setup, after optimising the attenuation settings on the MXA, I get about 35dBm OIP3 using a thru. ( I would need to get to get the test setup to be able to measure >40dBm)
I have no problem when measuring about 10MHz. Could this be due to the PSG is having more harmonics at this low frequency?
My question is if you have any suggestions to improve my test setup?