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DSOX2012A GPIB communication problem

Question asked by popelsta on Jan 22, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2016 by w0dz

we have problem with communication between DSOX2012A scope and BenchVue. Scope is connected by GPIB. Scope is recognized  and can be added into BenchVue. In Instrument Setting we are able to get data from scope. Problem is in Trace Data tab. When we want to get data by Get Current Traces after several seconds we get this error message: VI_ERROR_TMO: A timeout occured.

Firmware version in scope: 2.41.2015102200

IO lib ver.: 17.1.19313.5

BenchVue 3.0.1510.08
Lib 1.20

Windows 7 64bit

We prefer GPIB over USB connection due to reliability.

Thank you very much.

Stanislav Popelka