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Measure Cable-parameters with VNA

Question asked by ketelkrisje on Nov 24, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2011 by Dr_joel

i'm a student in Belgium and need to measure Motor-cable parameters with a VNA, first of all, i want to measure the LC parameters of
a "cable" wich exists of 2 blank conductors with 5mm space in between and surrounded by air. I did a 1-port callibration, and measured Z11 two times, first time with de cable shortcircuited(SC) at the end , and second time with the cable open circuit (OC) at the end.

I've read somewhere that the imaginairy part of the SC measurement represents L, and the imaginairy part of the OC measurement representes C. I did these measurements with an LCR - meter also, and there the parameters are correct (within 10pct fault) if i compare them with a theoretical calculation. but with the VNA it isn't correct, the L measurement has 20pct fault, and the C-measurement up to 100pct fault...

what am i doing wrong?? and how should i do it? is it possible to measure very small impedances(SC), and very large impedances (OC) with the VNA?

All help would be very welcome