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Using AFR and 4-Port De-Embedding VNA Options - The Best of Both Worlds

Question asked by VNA123 on Aug 26, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2015 by Dr_joel
Hello all,

I am about to get a copy of the latest AFR version and PLTS 2015 and am excited. I am using a N5222A with a 12-Port Extension (16-Ports in Total). Here's what I want to do:

1) Use AFR and collect differential 2x thru (S4P File).
2) Generate a fixture file for the left and the right half from the 2x THRU (Two S4P Files, say A(Left) and B(Right))
3) Use these two files and De-embed all 16-Ports. Like this:
*Note* Below it looks like this is s2p de-embedding but i did this to make the drawing fast and easy. It's 4-port s4p de-embedding (including coupling)
1---Fixture A---DUT---Fixture B---2
3---Fixture A---DUT---Fixture B---4

5---Fixture A---DUT---Fixture B---6
7---Fixture A---DUT---Fixture B---8

9---Fixture A---DUT---Fixture B---10
11---Fixture A---DUT---Fixture B---12

13---Fixture A---DUT---Fixture B---14
15---Fixture A---DUT---Fixture B---16

How can I do this? I have trouble using the 4-Port De-Embedding Fixturing to get this done.

Please help!!!