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How to add a trace without losing calpod recorrection?

Question asked by WDrago on Jun 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2015 by daras

The .csa file I'm working with doesn't have all the traces I need. I'd like to add some new ones via SCPI for automatic test purposes.

For example, the ,csa file has only one trace per channel:

CH1_S11_1, S21
CH2_S21_2, S21
CH3_S12_3, S21
CH18_S12_18, S21

Each of those channels has a full 2-port cal for the multiplexer path and associated calpods.

After I load the .csa file I loop through each channel and enable/recorrect the active calpods.

At this point all the calpods are recorrected.

Now, say I'm working with channel 1. If I add the following traces will I have to recorrect the calpods again in order for the new traces to provide accurate results?

"CALCulate1:PARameter:DEFine \'PNA_S11\',S11"
"CALCulate1:PARameter:DEFine \'PNA_S22\',S22"
"display:window1:trace19:feed \'PNA_S11\'"
"display:window1:trace20:feed \'PNA_S22\'"