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HP 8568B opt 001 (Input 1: 75 ohms): level diff between inputs 1 and 2?

Question asked by S.Reeves on May 1, 2015
Latest reply on May 4, 2015 by Tardz
On the 8568B there are 2 signal inputs. For option 001, you get a 75 ohm BNC for Input 1. There is a 50/75 ohm MLP inside to provide impedance matching and I would think the IF variable gain is told by the CPU's if the unit has that option to bump up the gain about 5.7 dB to compensate for the MLP loss.

I have one that when the type N Input 2 is set up with the front panel calibrator to -10.0 dBm, should there be a big difference if the calibrator (50 ohm?) is connected to Input 1 (75 ohm).? I estimate maybe +1.6 dB.

This one shows a reading of -6.9 dBm. Other having a mismatch of the calibrator and 75 ohm input, is this negligible or is there an adjustment for this (other than the front panel Amptd Cal ?


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