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HP8751A channel A and B overload error

Question asked by bh7juo on Mar 30, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2015 by bh7juo
Hello everyone,
I have HP8751A with some issue.Before I got it my friend has repaired it because a "fuse resistor" was burned in PSU.He replaced it and 8751A worked fine with PSU outside machine.When he put PSU into machine and fixed it,it came out "channel A nad B overload" after power-on.It wasn't recoverd after removed PSU outside machine again.I guess that something broke down after installed PSU first time,but with no idea.
So I don't know who can help this problem,and HP8751A service manual is no found in keysight,but I asked keysight library stuff, Le, he said they keeping this original document but only paper,no scan.If anyone can offer this scan files,I will really appreciated.
Thank you