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ENR Tables of Noise Sources

Question asked by bejstam on Nov 14, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2015 by arronlee
Not sure if this belongs here or in Network Analyzers forum...

The PNA-X NF application cannot use SNS noise souces. At least I think it can't, since I've found no such connector on the instrument.

We're using the PNA NF application in a production environment. We need to make sure that the actual ENR table of the noise source is used, even if the noise source has been updated with new ENR values in calibration. The best way would be if the PNA could use SNS sources.

As an alternative, has there been any thought on printing the ENR table in a machine readable format on the 346 noise sources, e.g. Data Matrix code or similar? This way it would be possible to get the operator to always read the ENR values using a barcode reader, and avoid using outdated ENR tables on file.