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Require old firmware of E7405A

Question asked by Sync on Apr 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2015 by Sync
Hi all,

Where can I find the old revision firmware of E7405A? ,on Keysight web site has only latest version A.14.06.
Can anyone provide me the old revision?, please.
And how can I downgrade the firmware to the old revision?.

The old my E7405A (firmware A.14.06) has intermittent hang or freeze, when EMI detector is selected. Sometime it works fine.
The other functions can be selected but it still freeze and the white "*" always show on the measurement screen.
I tried to re-install the firmware but the problem is still appeared. and i tried simulation on other EMC unit (same options), the problem is the same.

Please help.