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Documentation for python programming

Question asked by bdormieu on Apr 27, 2015


I was wondering if i could find any more comprehensive documentation for Python programming than the reachable one in software through the help menu?
i'm using ic-cap 2014.04 version. Is there some new version of the manual that solve my problem below ? 

Indeed, i have some difficulties about finding methods whose apply to class objects and also what they actually return
(it's definitely a hard time to prospect the API by printing each return value to know what kind of  object is returned)

For instance, if you want to use the +get_val+ function:
  - The documentation page refers any classes that have such function ( see Valid objects) 
    would be it not clearer if there was a +get_val+ documentation paragraph for each specific class ? 
    the documentation have thus to remain vague about the returned type (dictionnary? scalar? string?)
    the documentation page is also divided into 'dataset' case and 'parameters' case, and what about other type?

  - There are some copy/paste errors in documentation: for instance the end of the description of +get_val+ and +set_val+ are the same
Is it possible to re-order documentation by keeping inheritance diagram of classes? for instance by providing a description of +Dataset+ methods, whose apply to +Transform+, +Intput+ and +Output+, and providing dedicated pages for the specific methods of the derivated classes ?

Moreover, a lot of programming examples are uneccessary long and therefore not very readable
i think specially  of the code for class +Input+: i do not understand very well at the first look what it aims to do. 
Could you provide short examples (one or 2 lines) for each member method rather than a long example presenting just a few methods in class?

Thank you for reading,