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E5071C command to dump image syntax error

Question asked by rudy022 on Oct 1, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2015 by asaed330

I'm having issues trying to take a dump image of the VNA E5071C using PYVISA (SCPI commands)

Below is my code:

import visa
rm = visa.ResourceManager()
myvna = rm.open_resource(rm.list_resources()[0])
print myvna.write (mmem:stor:imag ""D:picture.png""")

I tried several instances such as upper case, lower case, single quotes, etc.  The first three commands work (I'm using shell to enter one command at a time) and I know I'm talking to the right device.

I can transfer files from the VNA (a dump image taken manually) to the host computer, but for some reason I can't take the dump image of the VNA.  Please help.


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