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8753C IF bandwidth reduction to see small signal

Question asked by beatouyoo on Nov 2, 2011
I am struggling with the noise in signal. I have a small high frequency signal, ~ 100nA 1GHz, that is sent into a transimpedance amplifier. The amplifier is 50ohm matched in both input and output, and its N.E.P is 20pA/rt.Hz. This means the input noise floor of the amplifier at 1GHz BW is 632nA, at 1MHz BW 20nA, and at 1Hz BW is 20pA. The transimpedance gain is 1M ohm. If I set the IF BW in the spectrum analyzer to a very narrow bandwidth, say, 10Hz, can the network analyzer recover the signal from the broadband noise? Thank you very much.