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replacement cables for 16962A ?

Question asked by Alx on Sep 15, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2015 by algoss

is it possible to place an order for a set of replacement 16962A native cables (for POD1, POD2, POD3 and POD4), 
with 90-pin connectors ? So I could replace them locally. Which part number is that ?

I found, I have two 16962A boards with different cables, - one of them has cables similar to 16950B POD connection
(even, both boards have connectors' mark as 16962-61601) ! 
As soon as PODs of 16962A and 16950B are organized in different way, 
I loose some channels of one my 16962A board which is equipped with 16950B-like cables...
(especially in 4G and 8G timing modes).