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16902B Win7 64-bit support with 16962A/16950B ?

Question asked by Alx on Sep 13, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2015 by algoss
In "LogicHelp.pdf" (Keysight Logic and Protocol Analyzer User Guide, software ver. 6.10), on page-24 it is stated that starting from
LA software ver. 6.00 "the support for legacy logic analysis systems such as 16760/1680XA/1682XA/16962A/168x/9x has been 
removed from the Logic and Protocol Analyzer software. These systems are supported only on the software version 5.9 or earlier".

Does it mean that 16902B Win7 64-bit frame with 16962A/16950B boards is not supported anymore ? You still sell 16902B Win7
frames, 16950B, 16962A boards, which are supported by LA software ver.5.90 only, and ver.6.10 could not be installed in any way ?

Is it a mistake in above manual, and 16962A board should be replaced with 16902A system frame ?