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ENA - Using Status Register for Calibration instead of OPC?

Question asked by Paul55 on Sep 13, 2015
At the moment we trigger a sweep with this code (ie: using the status register), and it works great"

        'Setup status register
        Call gpib_Output(":STAT:OPER:PTR 0")
        Call gpib_Output(":STAT:OPER:NTR 16")
        Call gpib_Output(":STAT:OPER:ENAB 16")
        Call gpib_Output("*SRE 128")
        Call gpib_Output("*CLS")
        Call gpib_Output("*OPC?")
        Call gpib_Output("*TRG")
            Call gpib_Output("*STB?")
            Call gpib_Read(StbStatus)
        Loop Until StbStatus = 192

But we trigger a calibration with this code:

    Call gpib_Output(":SENS1:CORR:COLL:ECAL:SOLT4 1,2,3,4")
    Call gpib_Waitcomplete("*OPC?")

How can we detect when a calibration has completed by using the status registers, instead of just waiting for a '*OPC?' command?