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user preset vs factory preset

Question asked by andeezlemoyo on May 15, 2015
Latest reply on May 18, 2015 by jvall

I am working with an 2-port E8362C, running firmware version, A.09.42.22. Using DCOM.

I have discovered a real problem, for me at least. 

I am testing amplifiers and also have a signal booster amplifier to boost the drive signal.  When the firmware is running, I have a "safe" user preset setup so that if the preset button is pressed while the booster amp is on, nothing blows up.  However, I found tonight that, if I close the firmware and hit the preset button, then all bets are off. The PNA firmware is started like normal and the factory preset is applied, power is turned on throughout this process, and I put way more power on my reference receiver than I ever wanted to.  Fortunately I had 20 dB attenuator in front of R1. 

Regardless, I think that if a user preset file was previously defined and set properly for the PNA, then whether the firmware is open or not, when I hit the preset button, I should get the user preset, never the factory preset. 

I would imagine this could be done.  Can it be done?  It seems critical to me.

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