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N8937A Web control doesnot work

Question asked by rouzbeh on Oct 29, 2015

I am trying to control the N8937A using the LAN. The IP is configured and the Connection Expert can find the device and everything looks good.
I used the IP address in Internet explorer to get to the device page, this also works fine. The welcome page and the view and modify configuration page are also ok and they show all the information correctly. I also tried the "Turn on front panel identification indicator" on the welcome page and I could see that the LAN indicator start blinking on the device front panel LCD. So the connection seems to work.
However, when I go to browser web control it takes a long time and at the end it just shows a warning message "Should network communication issues occur, the instrument settings shown in this Browser Web Control page may not represent the actual state of the instrument. This may result in unexpected hazardous voltages on the output and sense connections that could result in personal injury, death or damage to a device under test. Before touching the output or sense connections or connecting a device under test always verify the state of the instrument."
Also on the device it generates several of this error "LAN: Error -113, Undefined header".

I am using Windows 7, Internet explorer 11, and Firmware version A.00.06

Any recommendations for this problem?