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8360 series - step attenuator flatness adjustments

Question asked by cmains on Oct 15, 2015
I would like to know how I can go about performing the step attenuator flatness adjustments on an 8360 series generator.

According to the 83640A calibration manual (08360-90076), this is conducted using the 8360 Service Support Software, running on an old HP 900 computer, using a 437B power meter and power sensors. I do not have an HP 900 computer, so i cannot run the software (HTBasic didn't work out either). However, the manual also says you can run the adjustment from the signal generator's front panel interface. I believe this is the ALC Cal Array, accessibly by pressing Service > Adjust Menu > DigALC Menu. This menu allows one to perform output power adjustments in 10 dB steps all the way down to 90 dB (output attenuator max'd out). This is all well and good, except the HP power sensors are no good beyond -60 or -70 dBm. The calibration manual claims that the software measures the four attenuator steps (10, 20, 20, 40 i think) individually to calculate what the combined attenuation is supposed to be. This functionality is apparently only in the software and not in the ALC Cal Array adjustment. I'm left unable to calibrate the -70 to -90 dB range.

All this said, what can i do? Does anyone know the GPIB commands the software sends to the generator to accomplish this? To enable the individual attenuator steps? To send correction data to the generator?

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