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XVision Error Pop Up Window - Valid License Could Not Be Obtained Solved

Question asked by dbailey on Sep 29, 2015
This has happened twice in as many years, a small window pops up and prompts the operator that a valid license could not be obtained.  The pop up window's title is "XVision".  We are running the last 8.xxpx software/patches before 9.00.  

I posted this fix not only for the world's benefit, but for my own as well.  I will find it here next time instead of scratching my head for three hours and then remembering.

The fix:
1.     Log in as engineer
2.     Open the Windows Task Manager
3.     Open the processes tab
4.     Sort Image Name by either descending or ascending order
5.     End the processes 'xvl.exe' and 'vservice.exe'
6.     Log out and log back in to operator.