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34970 GPIB - USB(Serial) (Prologix) ACE talks ok but Datalogger 3 does not

Question asked by jwdiana on Sep 28, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2015 by tomc
I Have several 34970 units that we would like to use. Connection Expert will connect to them with the Prologix GPIB -> USB(Serial) cable but Datalogger 3 throws an error stating that the unit does not contain an internal DMM. It does actually have a DMM and using Connection Expert I can send the INST:DMM? command and receive a one in reply. 
Using I/O Monitoring I see that Datalogger 3 is sending the same command and receiving a zero.
The cable/converter I am using is Prologix
Also I can talk to the 34970 using a terminal just fine and get a one when I sen the INST:DMM? command.

Is this a Datalogger 3 issue, 34970 issue or a cable/converter issue.

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