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A bunch of errors for PNA-X N5242A

Question asked by yap on Jun 4, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2015 by yap

We have a PNA-X N5242A with the following options:
400 P04 080 419 423 UNL 016 014 081 S02

There are a bunch of errors that appeared, some of them at the same time. The errors that appeared were:
"Phaselock lost, LO synthesizer MAIN, integrator high"
"Unlevelled, LO drive"
"Unlevelled, LO Synthesizer"
"Phaselock lost"

After going through your forum, one of the thread suggested that "phaselock lost" could occur due to temperature drift.
I turned the PNA off for about 10-15 mins and switched it back on, only to find the same errors appearing after the software start.

It is almost midnight at my place now.
I dont think I can get any sleep tonight and I would really appreciate if anyone could help me please.

Also, seems to me like all of the errors are related to the power of the instrument.
Maybe a power calibration might help?  I am not an advanced user and have never done something like this before.
So before I stick my head into, I would like to get some advice.

Thank you in advance.